• Please do not consider any grant request approved until you have received written
    documentation from Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation that your grant has been accepted
    for funding and all of the required paperwork, including signed original Letter of Agreement, is
    submitted and accepted by Novartis. Thus any expenses incurred prior to receiving written
    support of the program by Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation are taken at your own risk.
  • Previous support by Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation does NOT guarantee future
    support. Each grant is evaluated on individual merit relative to other grant requests.
    If you have any questions, please contact us. Please do NOT contact your sales representative,
    regional scientific director, or marketing personnel regarding the status of a grant request.
  • Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation will review each grant request in a timely manner. Your
    prompt response to requests for any additional information is critical to this process and
  • Novartis is aware of the growing need of Medical Education. Many more requests are
    received than can be funded and we regret that we cannot accommodate every request.
    However, your request will receive a fair review if all documentation is submitted. In return,
    please take the time to consider how your program fits within the therapeutic areas of interest
    for Novartis and the established regulations, laws and guidelines before submitting a request.
  • For more information regarding grant applications, you may contact Novartis General Medicine at 1-888-669-6682, Novartis Oncology at 1-877-662-4833 and Novartis Oncology Patient Advocacy at 1-877-778-2530 and speak with a call center representative who will personally help address your questions or help you navigate the system to check on the status of your request.
  • Novartis will accept grant requests from 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.
  • For a grant request to be considered for funding, a complete grant application must be submitted to Novartis at least 60 calendar days prior to the program start date. If the completed grant application is not received at least 60 days prior to the event date, the grant request may be denied. OGE Requirement: For grants that are Post-Congress review, your grant request must be received at least 60 days prior to the start of the medical Congress.
  • When you select the submit button for your request, the on-line system will immediately inform you that all required fields have been submitted for review, if they were entered correctly. An e-mail will also be sent to both the primary and secondary addresses that you supplied informing you that your submission has been successfully submitted. You will be provided with a tracking number for the grant request. You will receive e-mail notification of the status of your request throughout the process.
  • You will receive e-mail correspondence from the Grants Office commencing as soon as your complete grant application has been submitted and throughout the review process.
  • No, Novartis will only accept requests through the on-line submission process.
  • Yes, Novartis will contact you should clarification be required on your request. This contact will be via e-mail to both of the addresses supplied during the submission process. Your prompt attention to these requests is requested to enable Novartis to provide a response for all requests with a timely review.
  • For status on grant requests already submitted online, go to www.ngcs.novartis.com, login, and check status using your grant ID.
  • Yes, Novartis will consider both CME accredited and non-accredited/non-promotional activities.
  • No, Novartis will not pay for travel, honoraria, or hotel for physicians attending major meetings to gather information for regional/local post major-meeting reviews.
  • No, Novartis will not pay for travel, lodging, meals or registration for any healthcare professional to attend a meeting or event.
  • No, Novartis will not consider exhibit space as part of a grant request. Exhibit space must be contracted through a separate "fee for service" contract. This separate request should be made by contacting your local Novartis Sales or Marketing Representative.
  • Novartis will not consider funding for events which have already begun or taken place. This is also true of enduring materials for a program that has already taken place.
  • Yes, please submit a budget for the costs associated with the entire program. Please provide a breakout for all individual costs in the overall budget.
  • No, Novartis cannot support a grant containing both CME and promotional activities. Promotional activities should be directed to your local Novartis Sales or Marketing representative for consideration.
  • Novartis will not fund a Professional Education grant in which there are recreational
    components (e.g. golf, spa activities)
  • Novartis will not fund a grant in which there are gifts to speakers or attendees
  • Novartis will not fund a grant in which speakers or participants are allowed to bring a spouse
    or guest to any meal function
  • No. If the provider requires a separate Letter of Agreement to proceed with an activity, the Novartis Letter of Agreement will predominate. Novartis will not sign any other Letters of Agreement.
  • Yes. You will need either Internet Explorer (IE 9.0 or above), Safari, or Chrome browser to grant register and submit the grant application. Pop-ups should be enabled in the browser setting.